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Piilo is a family dinner table with a tableware container. By combining these two elements, Piilo saves space and encourages a more minimalistic lifestyle. It is designed to meet the needs of small future homes. Material partners: Häfele, Hollolan viilu ja laminaatti Oy & Woodim.

Aleksandr Pukki

Aleksandr Pukki is a young designer, just recently graduated. He designs contemporary, timeless products for various purposes thinking that a product must be easy to fabricate and use without unnecessary environmental load. In the autumn, Pukki is to continue his studies at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Key Insights

Piilo is a dining table for people who aspire to an effortless, minimalistic lifestyle. It is for those who appreciate domestic materials and beautifully designed, well-functioning everyday objects.

In the future, people will live in smaller spaces, so the designer wanted to combine a table with storage in a functional and fresh way. The idea of Piilo is also to preserve the culture of ’’eating together’’ by presenting a better option for the family dinner table. The tableware container has been designed to fit in only the essential items for a family of four to encourage people to think about what they actually need. Piilo fits well in the modern Nordic home environment as well as at a cottage.

Material partners for the prototype are Häfele, Hollolan viilu ja laminaatti Oy & Woodim.

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