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The OFF keyboard is inspired by the scientific data that keyboards can contain five times more bacteria than a lavatory seat. In this design, the keyboard shape allows no space for any type of contamination. The material is HQ plastic, derived from a specific moulding method.

Marko Oljaca

Marko Oljaca (b. 1991) studies architecture and urbanism in Serbia. He focuses mainly on product design and has won several prizes in Southeast Europe. For example, Oljaca has designed a residential building project in Novi Sad, Serbia, which later on resulted in being contracted, developed and sponsored by a private investor.

Key Insights

A British microbiologist, Dr Peter Wilson, carried out a study to find the amount of bacteria found in keyboards. The study indicates that the keypad contains five times more bacteria than a lavatory seat. These findings inspired the designer to think of ways to help future users solve this contaminated keyboard problem, knowing that the existing form of keyboards today cannot be cleaned completely, since all the crumbs and dirt get behind the keys.

The OFF keyboard comes in two different models, carefully designed for both everyday users and professionals who spend a lot of time in front of their computers. Each key on the keyboard has its own separate form. The thin net underlying all the keys connects them in one unit. This is when the art of design steps in. The designer says that the purpose of design should always be in the functionality of the product, not only its final look. The inspiration arises in the logical system, so naturally the solution comes in a form of logical design. The organic form is something that defines the keyboard at first glance.

This product is designed to be cordless since the nature of the keyboard form allows us to install a battery under the “space” button, which represents the largest surface area in its entirety. The keyboard is also designed to be waterproof in order to enable the user to easily wash it under running water. The material used for production is HQ plastic, derived from a specific moulding method. The product name “OFF” symbolically represents the solution of the problem and the actual removal of the bacteria-friendly area in all keyboards.

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