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Lakea is a multifuntional table with a seamless touchscreen surface. The table is a large all-in-one computer. The touchscreen surface is made from thin silver nanowire transparent film. The height of the table top can be electrically adjusted.

Kasper Tammela

Kasper Tammela (born 1979) is a proud father of three small children, renovator of a 200-year-old wooden house and one of the two founding members of Design Agency Solmu. He works as an interior architect and designer in various projects. Tammela graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design in 2005.

Key Insights

The world is overpopulated, and living spaces today are are small and limited. In the future, homes will become even smaller. Creating extra living space will become a necessity. Re-designing an everyday object into a multifunctional one creates additional living space.

Lakea is a multifunctional table with a seamless touchscreen surface. The table is actually a large all-in-one computer. The wooden material gives Lakea a warm and easily approachable appearance.

The thin touch screen surface is made from ClearOhm® Silver Nanowire Coating Material. The silver nanowire material is lighter, thinner, stronger and more cost effective than traditional glass-based sensors. The material is already in commercial use, used in smartphones and all-in-one computers.

The material is a transparent film with a sheet resistance as low as 30 Ohms/square. This a requirement for large area touch panels. The material is also ductile, durable and flexible, which enables the touch screen to be curved and foldable.

All the technology and hardware needed to produce Lakea can be found in technological markets. However, the design of the user interface and software still need development before the first Lakea table can be manufactured for the commercial market.

Good to know:

1. The height of the table top can be electrically adjusted to ensure an ergonomic working position.

2. The touch screen surface is transparent when the power is off.

3. The mid section of the touch screen can be lifted for a more ergonomic viewing angle. Electrical outlets are hidden under the mid section.

4. The bottom of the table top is perforated to maximise hot air ventilation.

5. The High Fidelity loudspeakers are integrated into the wooden table top.

Material partners: Acrylic print – Pixmill Group Oy, Wooden parts – Upwood design Oy/ Harri Talvio

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