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Lokero makes sending and receiving deliveries convenient by bringing the place of trade closer to our homes. The furniture falls between the ideas of private and public, and its design language celebrates functional Scandinavian design and combines it with the modern needs of online shopping and collaborative living.

Lauri Hiilinen, Joonas Jansson, Thomas Tallqvist, Saana Tikkanen

The team is a Helsinki-based multidisciplinary group of designers with a background in industrial design, service design and graphic design. The team members have worked in design, tech, communications and advertising. Together they have a holistic approach fueled by their versatile expertise and honed craftsmanship. They seek to create beauty, function and clarity. Material partners: Koskisen Oy, Puusepänliike Woody Oy.

Key Insights

Lokero´s service is placed in the hallway of an apartment building. This semi-private, semi-public type of furniture does not have the typical look and feel of the furniture of public spaces. The Lokero service is shared between the residents and enables both receiving and sending items.

Three different sized modules can be combined into multiple configurations. The Lokero order is placed online, where you can build and optimize a combination that fits your apartment building’s size and needs. The design language and material choices celebrate functional Scandinavian furniture design and combine it with the modern needs of online shopping and collaborative living.

Hallways in apartment buildings are typically rough and unfriendly spaces. Lokero’s product family changes these semi-private areas into a functional and cosy part of our homes.

Sending and receiving items through the Lokero is the most important function, but the atmosphere of the hallway is radically improved as well. Carpets and plants create a homely and welcoming feeling. Other items such as scents and a mirror could be added to the area as well.

The Lokero doors come in three material choices (oak, grey and white). Every locker order includes a potted plant and a magazine holder.

Collaboration: We are collaborating with Koskisen Oy, who will provide the plywood material and Woody Oy with manufacturing.


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